Never Get a Day Wrong

Block schedules are easy to lose track of at times.  Keep your days straight, and never grab the wrong homework.

Track your Classes

Easily manage your classes and assignments. Keep your grades up to date and track your GPA.

Easily add Reminders

Reminders are a powerful way to easily keep your tasks straight. Get reminders every day so you never miss an assignment.

Block Calendars' Mission is Simple

Our goal is to make student life easier. Schedules and assignments are easy to lose track of, so we set out to build an app that is specifically designed for middle and high school students.

Whether you are on a block schedule or not, Block Calendar has features designed to make life just a little easier.

Get daily reminders for all of the different tasks, in each and every class.  Keep track of your GPA, and of course, see what the block day is, each day.  Customize your class schedule, reminder times, and even choose your favorite color.


Available Now

Block Calendar is available now for iOS phones. Coming soon to Android and Windows phones!  Find us on the App Store today.